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Maximum aid intensity (up to 30 %) in zones with a stimulated urban economy

Your company can receive up to 30% aid if it makes a general investment in a promoted urban economy zone (ZEUS) and if at least 30% of its staff, excluding temporary staff, is resident in such a zone for at least 6 months prior to the application for aid and has a contract of indefinite duration or a fixed-term contract of at least three years.

To find out if your company is located in such an area, please contact us...

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Since 1994, Deucalion has been assisting Belgian companies in their relations with the Flemish, Walloon, Brussels and European authorities. Our clients often carry out investment projects, or projects with an innovative or ecological character, and they are looking for support from the authorities. As a privileged partner, Deucalion makes sure that the communication between the company and the authorities runs smoothly.


More specifically, Deucalion has been the Belgian market leader for 25 years in subsidy advice, where it mediates for large, medium-sized and small companies in the Flemish, Walloon and Brussels-Capital Regions. This means that Deucalion can also develop the following activities for your company:(...)